04 February, 2010

Panta Rhei school by interior architects i29. Poetry of architecture.

When I saw the design for the first time, it struck me how consequent it was. Here the language of architecture is simple and clear.

Panta Rhei school in Amstelveen (Netherlands) is an unique interior combining design and poetry. Renovation and extension of the Panta Rhei school was completed by Snelder Architecten, as a reflection of their idea of 'learning environments'. Open, multifunctional spaces are highly adaptable to changing educational ideas. Learning processes take place not only in classroom, but the whole school area, designed to inspire, give sense of freedom and safety.

The interior design by i29 follows all these ideas. Inspiration was the name of the school, famous ancient greek aphorism: 'panta rhei', meaning  'everything flows'. The school’s identity, reflecting philosophy of Heraclitus, led to unique interior design that opens to student's imagination, offering elements that can be used creatively.

i29 commissioned poems from the dutch poet Erikjan Harmens, and arranged their words into intriguing graphic designs on floors and walls of the school interior. The themes of the poems, like insecurity and friendship, address students personally, as they were taken from everyday school life.

The furniture designed by i29 is modular and dynamic, and can be used many different configurations. Iconic black Grcic chair, present in most of the school interiors, corresponds with graphic rhythms on the walls.

photographs: Jeroen Musch



  1. cool :) literally... may seem a bit cold, but I think that environment like that helps to develop more subtle sense of beauty.

  2. wow. thank you so much for leaving a trace on my blog. That made me able to find you and your blog. I love it! And I'm hereby your first official Follower! I think this is the closest I've come to finding someone with the same mix of tastes and interests as myself. Keep it coming! :)

  3. A very "winter school", but still you can feel a kind of warm :-) Best regards from Poland :-)

  4. Wow! The best interior school that I have ever seen.


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