29 April, 2010

.03 chair by Maarten Van Severen

I discovered .03 black chair at the local Photo/Video shop, simply by realizing at I'm sitting at something very comfortable. Of course, I had to inspect! The next moment I was amused how nicely it fitted among all the cameras, tripods, telescopic lenses and studio equipment. Was there an interior designer involved?

.03 chair design was developed in 1999, by Belgian designer Maarten Van Severen, closely collaborating with Vitra since 1995.

.03 simple form, as described by manufacturer, is the quintessence of the concept "less is more". The shell is made of polyurethane foam available in seven colours, with back legs in tubular steel, front legs in aluminium profile.


  1. those are so brilliant, great images! i'm headed to the big NEXT/ Artopolis event at the Chicago Merchandise Mart this weekend, so definitely stay tuned for some of my favorite picks... you might find them pretty interesting.

    xo urban flea

  2. Mikołaj, I'm glad you like it!


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