30 April, 2010

Peel seat by Khodi Feiz

Peel seat is a convertible furniture series: a sofa, lounge chair and chaise lounge, upholstered in pure wool. What really caught my attention was the design thought 'made transparent', beautiful synergy between form and function, the essence of minimal elegance.

The collection was designed by Khodi Feiz, Iranian-born industrial designer working at his design studio based in Amsterdam. Feiz design studio underlines clarity as one of the main inspirations:

"...objects which are stripped down to their bare essence, not to make them boring, but to bring out their main expressive quality. Too often ‘simple’ projects are dismissed as superficial and banal; it seems the more ‘complex’ or ‘advanced’ the better. But we propose the opposite: the simpler the project the more challenging and difficult it becomes; you don’t have the guise of complication to hide behind."



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