24 May, 2010

ANNA by Swiss designers ZMIK

Following optical illusion inspiration from the previous post, I found great project by ZMIK designers from Switzerland. It was commissioned by interactive media company iart interactive, for their new office located building from the seventies. The narrow corridors were optically enlarged by the linear graphics on the walls. Drawings were designed as a play with perspective (anamorphosis).

"Looking from 5 fixed positions the wireframe-drawings show real and imaginary rooms behind thewalls. Besides this points of view the graphic merges into abstract lines. For iart the intervention is also an allegory for the quest of new perspectives."

Photos: Eik Frenzel

via: Yatzer


  1. This is quite intruiging. I love art like this!

  2. Paisley, welcome :) I found anamorphosis pretty interesting technique as well. I was wondering about the practical side, how was it designed?

  3. Woooooow & wooooooow, me like this cool post!! My compliments!


  4. Hi Agneta, welcome! I'm glad you like it :)


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