28 May, 2010

'La Suite Elle Decoration' by Jean Paul Gaultier

Optical illusion inspiration led my thoughts towards interiors designed with a touch of surrealistic sense of humour, like this one, by Jean Paul Gaultier. His signature nautical stripes wrap around the walls and cover the furniture like a veil. Chic but also very atmospheric. Does it make you feel like in a dream?

The apartment is located in the heart of Paris, opposite the Eiffel Tower. You can see the video showcase at French Elle Decoration 

via: trend land


  1. Cones? I haven't thought of that... Mikołaj, can you explain some more?

  2. oczo...tit haha dla mnie za bardzo:)

  3. Oh mine this is so great! But can you imagine actually living there? Especially after a couple of drinks I would be hitting walls left and right! Definitely Surrealism's influence here. Have a great weekend! xo

  4. hah, La Boheme the walls seem to be well cushioned :) And you're right, I couldn't live there as well... way too abstract space. But it's just a concept design.

  5. Marta, tam jest bardzo... za bardzo... w prążki.


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