03 June, 2010

Surreal interiors by Anne Hardy

The photographs taken by Anne Hardy are strangely captivating... I felt entirely drawn into the images that seem to invite us into mysterious, intimate worlds. Each of them enclose a different, personal story. The artist says:

"I want you to encounter the spaces directly and not through someone else physical presence in the image. However I also don't see it that there is nobody in the images, the protagonists are embedded into the spaces by the way in which they have used, marked, adapted or built them. So even though they are not physically present they still possess the space."

The interiors are not real, but created by the artist herself. Photography, as a documentary medium, helps to evoke the viewers imagination and transfers us into the child-like state of mind, into the time that reality was magical and everything was possible.

"The relationship between the real and the fictional is important to the work, not literaly (is it real or not?) but in relation to what we consider or imagine our actual 'real' world to be."

via: Trendland, Zoum Zoum


  1. hah, chaos kreatywny... o którym zdjęciu mówisz?

  2. Hii. Thanks for visit my blog. I did the same here and I like very much your blog. It's very interesting.

    See you.

    wawos (from Italy).

  3. Wow, these really are surreal interiors! More like an art installation, they are so intriguing and captivating aren't they?? Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it! Your blog is great, I will be back for more!

  4. Marcus Design, you are right, it is an art project.


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