15 September, 2010

Allandale House by William O`Brian Jr

A cabin in Mountain West was designed by William O`Brian Jr in 2009/10 and almost immediately gain a lot of publicity. The structure of the house is extraordinary - based on three extruded, asymmetrical A-frames. The glass walls provide an illusion of unity between the interiors and the surrounding nature. The architect names Allandale House "a cabin of curiosities", as it hosts an eccentric collection of artifacts as well as a library and a wine cellar. 

Don't let your eyes deceive you - the images of beautiful interiors are rendered visualisations created by Peter Guthrie, talented Swedish 3D artist. 

via: arch daily


  1. Amazing design! A lot of air, light, space, nature!

  2. Amazing, stunning, brilliant architecture!
    Such a nice and interesting blog you have over here. I´ll be your new follower!
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  3. these designs are gorgeous.xx


  4. Breathtaking architecture! The fusion of artificial and nature is fascinating - a brilliant concept. Has this house been built somewhere?

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. This is so interesting! I've never seen it done before. I love the location, it is gorgeous.


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