27 September, 2010

Confession by Arik Levy

'Confessions' is a limited edition of seating furniture created by Arik Levy - a designer, artist, technician, photographer and filmmaker. Confessions Installations was presented at Gallerie Slott in Paris, as a part of 'Preliminaires' exhibition.

At first sight we recognize the inspiration - a church confessional, overscaled to the form of unconventional "armchair". The message behind 'Confessions'  is the vital importance of communication: the designer points out that the failure in this area leads to serious relationship problems and it's a cause of numerous divorces. By 'Confessions' we are invited to open up, speak openly even about our "taboos" and "bare our souls".

Once more sacrum meets profanum... see all the posts here: sacrum vs profanum


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