20 October, 2010

A flock of sheep: Hans-Peter Krafft and François-Xavier Lalanne

For everyone, who just like me, shivers at the thought of the real ones stuffed: cute and cuddly, hand-made wooden sheep-stools by Hans-Peter Krafft (design: 1982, manufacturer: Meier)

... or something from surrealist art world: Les moutons created by amazing 60's artist François-Xavier Lalanne. I discovered his animal sculptures recently, quite captivating!

Interiors: Shawn Henderson and Pamplemousse design

But if you prefer cute piglets instead (!!!), have a look here: Still lives by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz

images via: desire to inspire and design elements


  1. :-) simply...wow! I didn't expect to see sheep :-) Your posts are always unexpected & cool. Don't look at my last entry. Nothing unexpected, only ordinary flowers :)

    The sheep are from Francois-Xavier Lalanne. It is not something that can be ordered...cost about $150,000 each – if you could find one… They are very rare.

    thanks for mentioning! one of my favorite posts of yours. so true :-)

    your blog is quite captivating!

  2. that has to be the coolest nursery i've ever seen...the sheep are hilarious :)

  3. Love these sheep!

    Fun post, darling!


  4. Owce to może nie... ale ta zielona kanapa! Boska :) wspaniała! Niebywała :) cudowna!! ;)

    Mmmmm.... :)

  5. It looks so gorgeous from the nursery! He's going to be counting sheep every night. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  6. Design Elements, thank you so much :)
    I was wondering if the sheeps used by Pamplemousse design are the original ones... Lalanne's sheep can only be bought at art auctions. I searched the net and found some vintage copies, also sold by art dealers.

  7. This is such a creative space! Love it!


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