25 November, 2010

Animal tales by ding3000

“Mother Nature is still the best designer in the world.” That’s why we started copying her most fascinating creations.” Wild thing! Afghan hound, shy giraffe, greedy chick and my favourite: not-at-all-stubborn mule... a beautiful whimsical menagerie!

Ding3000 was established by Sven Rudolph, Carsten Schelling and Ralf Webermann in 2005. Three years later Animal tales collection was presented at Milan Design Week and won the Design Report Award. "It is both a challenge and a delight to make wishes, dreams and ideas come true every day."

images via: Yatzer

24 November, 2010

Dressed up furniture by Kamkam

Buttons, zips and belts... is it really furniture? Truly creative and unusual concept, incorporating clothing elements into furniture design: Dressed up furniture series by Korean design studio Kamkam. 'Cham', the blue cabinet named after the North Pole monster, a character of Korean novel, have been awarded prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2010. The series, wrapped in warm, colorful felt seems like a perfect choice for children's room!

21 November, 2010

Bambi Chair by Studio Juju

Studio Juju is a design partnership based in Singapore, established last year by Timo Wong and Priscilla Lui. Their designs are fun, full of character and what is more, produced mostly by local craftsmen.

I instantly spotted very cute Bambi chair, isn't it charming?

"We wanted a backrest that is inviting to the touch. Bambi has a welcoming handle and a generous low seat. We kept in mind the texture of the wood and its construction, creating a continuity of the handle to its legs. The soft upholstered seat compliments the handmade warmth of the beech wood."

18 November, 2010

Ultra by Munge Leung

White feathers, glamorous! But somehow my associations lead me to...  a rural landscape. Unconventional, edgy interior design by Munge Leung, a creative mixture of sophisticated luxury and rustic simplicity: Ultra Supper Club in Toronto. I like the innovative concept and fantastic, dark colour palette with hot red accents. Not to mention the beautiful photos by Stephen Green-Armytage. Devilish!

17 November, 2010

Mangas rug collection by Patricia Urquiola

Fabulous, colorful, over-sized sweaters, made of 100% virgin wool. Designed by talented  Patricia Urquiola! Mangas rug line still grows: Gandia Blasco have extended the collection with four new carpets, two runners and three poufs. "Mangas" means "sleeves" in Spanish - we have all variety of sleeve shapes to choose from: from Manga farol (bellowed sleeve) to Manga de campana (bell-shaped sleeve). Warm and inviting design, makes me think of my Grandmother knitting :)

photos via: Contemporist

16 November, 2010

Pottinger + Cole

Pottinger + Cole is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Wolverhampton, UK, established by Wayne Pottinger and Natalie Cole in 2005. The duo works on projects including furniture, lighting and product design. Their furniture gained a lot of publicity and has become easily recognizable. I'm not surprised: all the designs amaze with beautiful simplicity and a slightly humorous touch. Don't you love the geometric, strong siluettes?


15 November, 2010

New lightning designs from Yellow Goat

New custom lightning from Australian company Yellow Goat: "crazy but cool". Cutting edge designs in all varieties: exotic and sexy, classic and techno, eco and minimalist, anything you wish for. Whimsical and oversized, but immaculately crafted in the tiniest details. Dramatic, impressive and so beautiful that almost unreal!

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