16 November, 2010

Pottinger + Cole

Pottinger + Cole is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Wolverhampton, UK, established by Wayne Pottinger and Natalie Cole in 2005. The duo works on projects including furniture, lighting and product design. Their furniture gained a lot of publicity and has become easily recognizable. I'm not surprised: all the designs amaze with beautiful simplicity and a slightly humorous touch. Don't you love the geometric, strong siluettes?



  1. i love the clock..simple,clean,and attractive..it gets down to business! the line is fab, thanks for the introduction,

  2. Love that slightly fun/color touch and the simplicity. There is amazing simplicity in almost all the images on your blog. “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” Plato

  3. simple but perfect,
    I like the wood and those touches of color!
    thank you

  4. Oh. I like that coat rack ... or scarf/hat rack. That is really great! I love how simple it all is.



  5. Loving the coat hanger and the clocks! It's clean and zen-like! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  6. I like the lamps, simple, effective and would look great in my house! G

  7. Love the clocks! They a gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. just back to say hello.

    btw.: yesterday night I dreamt of paintings in glowing unreal colors in dimmed light :-) no kidding. it was so real. hope the exhibition is still there.

  9. Super... Minimalizm zawsze trzymałem po swojej stronie.


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