14 January, 2011

Converted church building in Cape Town

When Samuel and Danilo Benevelli heard that an old church building in Cape Town was for sale, they didn't hesitate. "It was like an angel wispering in my ear", says Samuel. The Italian couple spends three months in RPA every year, and the former church became their second home. Abandoned by the clergy in 1960, the building changed its identity several times: it was a dance studio, a woodworking shop and a photographer's atelier.

Perry Harrison-Hyde, an architect commisioned to adapt the building, preserved its authentic atmosphere and created modern, unpretentious, functional interiors. Retaining original heritage of the building reqired removing all the changes done by the previous owners. For example, scraping off several layers of paint, accumulated over a long period of time, revealed beautiful wooden floor.

Sharp contast between raw, authentic architecture of the building and well balanced mixture of furniture styles makes the interiors absolutely unique. Rustic floors and white cabinets in the kitchen correspond with gothic-style, arched windows. Metal chairs and lamps work as contrasting elements. Avant-garde art pieces add colour and spice up the white, airy, breathing interiors.

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photo: Nicolas Mathéus via: marie claire maison


  1. This place is just so so beautiful..!!

  2. Wow! What an amazing house!
    I could totally live here!


  3. I have my eye on this interior, too...it stole my heart.


  4. The interior feels so calm and peaceful. A home that I would love to live in.
    Wish you a great weekend.

  5. Pięknie! Znów niesamowita podłoga.

  6. a house that gives good vibes, definately!
    i love it

    have a great weekend

    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

  7. wow. The interior is great, I love the floors.

  8. What a place :)
    And Cape town is the best city :)


  9. Amazing!!! Everything is so well thought out! The artwork is amazing also. Wonderful!

  10. Stunning! The floor is gorgeous! And the decor is just lovely! Have a great weekend, Kellie xx

  11. really loving the clean white aesthetic! wonderful!

  12. Great to see that this type of buildings are being preserved. What a wonderful living space with respect to the old building. Cool bedroom!!


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