21 January, 2011

In Paris

Karine and Matthieu had a clearly defined idea how to renovate the house: open interiors and more light. Inspired by trips to Japan and by works of Charlotte Perriand and Alvar Aalto, they agreed to keep it simple: wood,  metal, polished concrete and beautiful textiles.

The couple had rented the house for ten years when they were offered to buy it. They commissioned François Murraciole and Agathe Perroy to renovate and adapt the building: it needed a thorough facelift. The architects redesigned partition walls to use the space more efficiently and added a small atrium to let more light in. The old, narrow and dark staircase was replaced by new one, made of steel and with innovative sheet metal handrails. A thick wall, running from the kitchen up to the fourth floor, functions both as a partition and a storage. The architects custom-designed many other details as well: handrails, radiators, sinks and kitchen surfaces.

Calm color palette of the interiors was chosen deliberately to provide a perfect, contrasting background for furniture and artwork. The pale-colored parquet that covers all the floor surfaces creates a sense of consistency. The final result is an immediate impression of space and light.

photo: Jean-Marc Wullschlege via: Vårt Nya Hem


  1. Stunning place! I also live in Paris but my home doesn't look anything like this..?!! :-(

  2. Hi sweetie!
    This home gives me another 'Hallelujah moment', visiting your stylish blog. Why am I not supprised:)!?
    Happy weekend!

  3. This is got to be one of my favourites on your blog so far I really like the feel of this. I love the dining table & chairs & the striped rug in the longe. There is some great little touches to this place

  4. What a lovely home and pictures!!
    I have to look at them again...

    Yes the pictures are all mine:) Thank you!!;)


  5. What amazing spaces!
    Love that kitchen so!


  6. Beautiful with all that light. You can't get depressive there... What a wonderful house!

  7. Nice and lovely.:-) Hug Stina

  8. wowwwwwww this kitchen will be mine one day!!!!! so beautiful house...great find!!!

  9. wow, a lot of interesting posts since my last time here too! Your thoughts are already in Paris :-) Wonderful post! I did some downhills. Can't wait to go skiing again :-)

  10. I really like their sense of style. The kitchen and dining room are beautiful and how about purple sofa in combination with black leather chairs? Great mix. Hope you are having wonderful weekend! xoxo

  11. I"m dreaming of having a house like that someday!

  12. Just lovely! I like the contrast between black and white!


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