20 January, 2011

Ray lamp by llot llov

Woolen and warm, it gives soft, diffused light. Ray by llot llov is a very versatile lamp design, you can use it creatively: hang it, lay it on the floor, wrap 12 metres cord in decorative  loops and knots...

"Because of our love for old things, our fancy for the ordinary and our joy in finding new interpretations, every piece of our work bears llot llovs special signature. Our idea of design is multidimensional: we avoid the drawing of boundaries, setting our preference on the experimental. llot lov look at the world, take risks, learn, understand and interpolate the world in an illogical, intuitive and creative way."

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  1. Dobre zdjęcia tej lampy. Co do niej samej, mam ambiwalentne odczucia, raczej nie do mojego mieszkania, u kogoś może i by mi się podobała.

  2. Wygląda mrocznie, ale myślę, że ta lampa jest bardzo plastyczna i w innych aranżacjach miałaby całkiem inny charakter.

  3. I think the lamp looks much better in a set of 2 or 3... I would love to own it, perfect for cosy bedroom :)

  4. Those would be neat for a modern house...for an office :)

  5. It IS a fabulous lamp and I love it!

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    Art by Karena


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