28 January, 2011

Styling inspiration: birdcages

I'm hunting for a vintage birdcage... we decided to invite a feathery friend to our home. Do you have any tips where to get an old, nice birdcage or a new one, but vintage-looking?

...or maybe a birdcage lamp?

...or totally crazy and unreal: real victorian wooden birdcage?

images: 1,2,3,4,5


  1. How lovely it must be to have a bird! These are such beautiful cages you featured today. Sorry i don't know where you find a vintage birdcage, but i'll be on the lookout for you.:-)

  2. I´m not sure I can give you any good advices on this one. Have seen this type of colonial birdcages, but can´t remenber where from. I´m sure you´ll find a beautiful one seeking online though!
    Good luck and also wish you a happy weekend!

  3. No birds in my home, but I wouldn't mind a birdcage like on the first pic, beautiful!

  4. These are so lovely, especially the last one!


  5. I just love these. Good luck finding one you like!

  6. A real bird? That's a little sad... Why don't you buy one of those: http://www.ashleyannabrown.bigcartel.com/


    Camila F.

  7. No birds here - we have 2 cats! But those cages sure are pretty. Hope you find something really fancy at an antiques barn out in the country side. And then when I see it, of course I am going to want it myself -- sans bird!

    Happy weekend to you,


  8. Hello... I will be nominating you for a Stylish Blogger Award on Monday. You have a great site and keeps me dreaming. Lisa

  9. The black cages suspended from the wooden ceiling are simply divine. They are so intricate, yet they fit so beauty in the minimal interior!

  10. So many nice pictures on your blog! Love it :)

  11. good luck on your hunt, I feel like this are hard to find!

  12. Love the pics, great selection. Good luck with finding birds...just DO NOT buy Cockatiels, they tend to scream a lot. I bought 2 of them, then gave them to my DAD...he called me the day after and called it the ultimate Trojan Gift of the Year...lol.

    Have a nice Sunday!

    Xoxo, Ingrid :)

  13. wow so great photos!!! the 2 last are my fav!!!!! but the lamp is a huge idea...great post!!!! Have a nice week xoxo

  14. Las jaulas tienen algo que siempre me fascina
    y no se lo que es, pero me encantan!
    Felíz semana!

  15. If you were in France I would just say come this way! I see so many old birdcages at the brocante fairs I go to. You are right though, the vintage cages have so much more charm than the new ones.
    Really pleased to have found your blog via Greige, just love your horizontal pictures in the sidebar - very stylish!
    My French Counry Home

  16. Od dawna bardzo mi się podobają...

  17. Sharon, I'm thinking about visiting Paris sometime in the spring... Any fleamarket tips for me? Where is the place to go?


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