09 February, 2011


Two old buildings, uninhabited for years, leaning against each other in rural landscape of Italian Salento. Thick stone walls that witnessed 200 years of history, deeply rooted into surrounding nature... simple, strong beauty and authenticity that captivated an architect Luca Zanaroli instantly. Discovering the place together with his wife Silvia, they were both overwhelmed by immediate sensation of feeling at home... and started thinking about moving in.

In his renovation project, Luca aimed to reveal genius loci of the place, keeping intact the patina of time and balancing contrasts between rural and urban elements. He "contaminated" the countryside atmosphere with the use of materials and decorative objects of city style: a mix of cold and warm surfaces such as steel and fabric, contemporary design objects contrasted with artworks bought from local artisans.

The family, inspired by the life of previous inhabitants, understood the meaning of direct, everyday relationship with the earth. They decided to recover physical contact with the ground, for example by replacing the beds with futons and furnishing only with the most necessary, simple objects.

Do you think these interiors somehow express Wabi-sabi idea, the beauty of imperfection?

seen: Les bulles de Miluccia


  1. for sure we are back to nature like in wabi-sabi, but less spiritual i think...anyway the result of this renovation is wonderful if you like to live between stones...might be fresh at summer time, not lighted enough fo me, but beautiful!!!!! Great share my dear

  2. this kind of "house" is named trullo
    I am fascinated from these strange houses since I was a little girl
    I think it's another universe you go in and you can forget all the problems you have outside..
    btw they did a gret job
    love this!

  3. Cez, I do agree: it's less spiritual... but also closer to our everyday life.
    Perfect summer retreat in sunny Italy (Puglia).

  4. Ribbon, I'm doing a little reaserch now, reading about traditional Italian architecture :)

  5. Looks really really nice! Would not say no to sit there in summer sipping some italian wine :)

  6. Amazing space! Love that electric star...so fun!

  7. This must be what heaven looks like. Sigh.


  8. This is the perfect match between modern/ contemporary and a historical place. So I clearly answer your question with "yes".
    I especially love the bedroom! This place feels cozy in a strange way although there is nearly nothing what might remind you of cozyness as f.e. textiles,carpets, plumeaus on the bed. It's like returning to the womb, the cave where we once came from...very poetical!!!
    I love this place - I draw my hat before the architect!
    Greetings, Petra

  9. Wow, that is the perfect home. simple but very beautiful. I loved

  10. What an amazing bunch of spaces!
    Would love to live here!


  11. I bet that is amazing to see in person. Love the domed ceiling with the fantastic fixture.

  12. hi,
    that is the perfect home. simple but very beautiful. I loved


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