11 August, 2011

Polka Gelato - artisan ice-cream parlor

If you want your ice-cream cool and trendy, this is the place to be: Polka Gelato opened just this month in Fitzroy Square. There, in a beautiful historic building, you can indulge in Italian hand crafted artisan gelato. Sounds fancy. It's supposed to be an enlightening experience.

Interiors and brand identity were designed by studio Vonsung, who aimed to create a nice contrast to historical setting and avoid a cliché of pop-culture type, pastel-colored ice-cream parlor. "An early decision was to place the Polka’s colourful, beautifully crafted gelatos as the central focal point and make the surrounding interior resemble the sculpted nature of the hand-made gelato."

images via: architizer


  1. oh man that looks too wonderful and vogue for words. i am now craving a good gelato thanks to you haha! thanks for stopping by my blog btw:)

  2. Hi! I love your blog too! Thanks for visiting Lila&Cloe and for your lovely words! My husband family are from Stavanger! Don´t forget feed my fishes!
    Kind regards, Lila&Cloe

  3. Love this place! Usually we imagine ice-cream parlors to be colourful, but i love this solution! It emphasizes the colours in the ice-creams!



  4. what a great space, unusual but it really works


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