30 September, 2011

Styling inspiration: blue interiors

Vibrant ultramarine or warm cobalt? Tasty blueberry? Clear aquamarine maybe? Topaz? Sapphire? Steel or teal? Persian or parisian? ...or indian indigo? Noble royal blue shade? Simple denim? Phthalo? Cyjan? Aquamarine... decide!

I'm having fun with 'blue-analysis' on my tumblr here: design traveller. Have you discovered this blogging platform yet? If you are tumbling as well, let me know :)

image credits: see my tumblr

28 September, 2011

Philippines: C House by Archipelago architects

Batangas, Philippines. This beautifully located house seems to breath in the fresh sea air. Spacious, open interiors were nicely softened by delicate beiges and natural textures. Simple idea (but not so easy to come up with) that works so well here! Don't you like the warm effect?

Photography: Tom Epperson via: Contemporist and www.archipelago.ph

26 September, 2011

70's apartment renovation by Ramisa Projects

Black,white and wood: graphic-style interiors designed by the Spanish studio Ramisa Projects and Fun. Classy!

via: design elements

25 September, 2011

In black & white: Robert and Shana Parke Harrison

Black, white... and sepia. Neo-surrealist, theatrical photography from the series entitled 'Architect’s Brother'. Fascinating power of the elements.


20 September, 2011

Mickey Muennig: Cooper Point house

Breathtaking house by the Pacific Ocean designed by eco-architect Mickey Muennig, famous for his green-roof architecture build in Big Sur (California). Photography: Simon Watson.


19 September, 2011

Modernism in Africa

Can you believe that this house was designed in 2003? Both cosy and elegant family home in Accra was created by Ghanaian architect Joe Osae-Addo. Inspiration? The contextual modernism of Finland’s Alvar Aalto, Australia’s Glenn Murcutt and L.A.’s Ray Kappe. The 2,500-square-foot house was build from local materials: timber and adobe mud blocks.

“It is not about edifice but rather harnessing the elements - trees, wind, sun, and water - to create harmony, not the perfection that modernism craves so much.”

via: Dwell

18 September, 2011

Bohemian Paris

Spacious loft in the heart of Paris - an old printig house transformed into a cosy home. The magician behind the metamorphose: French sculptor Marie Bossée. Real bohemian atmosphere!

via: Le journal de la Maison

16 September, 2011

Sweet 60's

Playful and fun, isn't it? Have a nice weekend!

photos: J.Siedlar

15 September, 2011

Matarangi house by Sumich Chaplin Architects

... in New Zealand. Perfect balance between interiors and exteriors. Breathing architecture - inspiring!


found via: Casa trés chic

14 September, 2011

Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm

Straight from Denmark -  fresh designs by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm.

'Beddo' sofa - minimal beauty with sculptural upholstery - soft, woolen duvets can be arranged in different configurations and the wooden backrest is removable. Japanese inspiration is obvious at first sight (and in Japanese 'Beddo' means 'bed') - the sofa invites us to sit almost at the floor level. We change our perspective and what is more - the way we usually position our bodies while resting.
'Gym the luxe' is a fun sitting set made with vegetable tanned leather, organic wool, organic kapok and walnut. Minimum space required to create a confortable resting corner!
Both design were awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation.


photos:  Kristine Funch, Nielsen Omvik

13 September, 2011

Glimpt: design and craftmanship

Fun designs from Swedish design duo Glimpt - Mattias Rask and Tor Palm. Meaningful project, created in co-operation with craftsmen and inspired by their traditional techniques: Superheroes seagrass stools were hand-woven in Vietnam and Forbiden Fruit lamps with hand-decorated ceramic shades were made by The Potters Workshop from South Africa. New prototypes are still coming!