30 April, 2012

The new artisanal

An apartment in L.A. - owned and designed by Roman Alonso, a creative director of a design collective Commune. How to create such a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere? An effect that seems so effortless? The tactic is quite simple: carefully planned randomness. Nothing is accidental here. Materials with natural, raw finishes work as a binding theme. Great Wabi-sabi vibe.

photography: Amy Neunsinger, published in House Beautiful in 2010

26 April, 2012

Industrial: brave, black and raw

How does it happen - an apartment, seems just like any other - but somehow it becomes an exceptionally warm and inviting home. Personal, real, lively. Created by Swedish photographer and interior designer Benedikte Ugland.

via: Sköna hem

25 April, 2012

Impressions: raw sublime

Perfectly imperfect.

images via: 1, 2, 3, 4

24 April, 2012

Subtle and charming - in Paris

I like the feeling of lightness here... harmonious blend of textures and materials. All the details work perfectly together. Note the shelves, nicely designed! Styled by Marion Alberge and Muriel Cibot.

photography: Cyrille Robin, found via: French by design

23 April, 2012

Light redesigned

Light. Imagine how it changes in a space, how it's being reflected... then shape it, transform it... and there you have it: wonderful effect of intimacy.

An architect duo Karin and Francis Leopold Fauconnet redesigned this classical apartment into modern and surprisingly cosy home. Rustic, raw wood floors break the grand, formal elegance and contrast with  urban elements. And the best here, of course, are great transitons between dark and light surfaces. Nicely balanced contrasts.

photography: Vincent Leroux, via: Marie Claire Maison

02 April, 2012

Lindsey Adelman Studio

Lindsey Adelman's light fixtures are made with industrial finishes, yet seem very light - simply floating in the air. Intriguing organic forms, refined and timeless, dramatically change the feel of each interior they were installed in. Simply - lightning art pieces made of brass, bronze, nickel and hand-blown glass. Urban beauty in its own right, immune to drifting styles and trends.