08 May, 2012


“Good furniture is not necessarily something that turns all concepts on their head and represents something new and previously unseen. We have nothing against standing on the shoulders of past examples of good, classic design, such as Eames and Wegner, and being the next phase in a modern tradition. The main thing for us is to create furniture that is honest in both its actual function and its visual expression. Good furniture must quite simply stand there and invite you to use it”
Henrik Thygesen

“If you try desperately to find something new, it just won’t happen. But if you work your way into the design process and apply some direction, every now and then some opportunities arise that you hadn’t seen before.”
Sebastian Jørgensen

We do Wood is a danish furniture company established by Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen, a duo with a strong design vision. Functionality, quality, honesty - and the crucial ingredient: sustainability. The furniture, just like traditional scandinavian pieces - is made to last. But we have an important innovative aspect as well: new material. Bamboo, as a species more eco friendly than nordic types of wood responds to our need of being environmentally responsible. It re-circulates large volumes of CO2 and grows very fast without chamical fertilizers. And looks great!


photography: Mikkel Rahr Mortensen


  1. I love wood furniture,
    and these look wonderful and sturdy.

  2. My favourite is the line created for kids. So fun :)


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