31 January, 2013

Stylish apartment in Brooklyn Heights

New York, New York... Photographed by talented Line Klein.

29 January, 2013

Colour code: black...grey...white...wood

Wonderful colour palette. Masculine!

photography: Jeanne Peters

28 January, 2013

Børge Mogensen - a glimpse of designer's home

"When Børge, day after day, worked with calculating modules, dimensions of shelves and drawers, it was like a personal quest, inner longing, a form of meditation.. Gradually, this playing with measure possessed him almost entirely, became a religion and a tyranny." writes his son, Thomas Mogensen in his book," A fully furnished life".

27 January, 2013

Scandinavian vs ethnic: interiors by Naja Munthe

Copenhagen, early 20th-century building. Here lives Naja Munthe, a fashion designer and co-founder of Danish fashion label Munthe Plus Simonsen.

"My personal taste doesn’t really fit with the minimalistic style that’s so popular here. I like things to be luxurious, but always with a relaxed approach. While I appreciate beautiful clothes and glamorous houses, they’re often too perfect, and that’s not my style. I prefer the finished look to be friendlier.

I kept the palette to a minimum, though – mostly white with earthy tones. This means I can bring in lots of different textures and play with how the pieces are combined."

Inspired by lofts, Naja decided to open up traditional Danish floor plan - and dramatic black steel windows were inserted between the living room and the hall. When it comes to decorating, she spiced up clean scandinavian style with attractive ethnic details. Do you like the combination? Note beautiful textiles from designers own home collection called Casa de luxe. 

via: my scandinavian home, photographer: Morten Koldby

25 January, 2013

Reading in the bath

Hi there, Bookworms! Is your bathroom the only fortress of solitude and tranquillity at home? Here is a glimpse of extravagant luxury: Michael Cunningham's custom-made bathtub, surrounded by bookshelves stocked with literary treasures. 

via: Remodelista, photographer: Joshua Simpson

24 January, 2013

Minim chair

Hot news from Japan: stackable Minim chair designed by team Nosigner. And if I am right... inspired by classic danish pieces with leather straps?

photo: Hatta Masaharu

23 January, 2013

Mountain Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects

New Zealand, a secluded area in the Southern Lakes region. Ideal location for a secret hideaway, nestled on a mountain slope overlooking Lake Wakatipu. 
The architects, Tim Hay and Jeff Fearo, are known for their modernist designs seamlessly integrated into breathtaking landscapes. The colours and textures of both the exterior and the interior were inspired by surrounding nature and spectacular mountain views. Raw finish creates minmal, masculine effect. I love how the beech forest seems to enter through the panoramic windows.


photography: Patrick Reynolds