20 March, 2013

Sacrum vs profanum: Andy

Interior design by William T. Georgis. Deliciously whimsical!


via: plastolux

17 March, 2013

Wabi-sabi: Japanese simplicity

Captivating Wabi-sabi inspiration from the Japanese Magazine Casa Brutus. Read more about beauty of imperfection and the Japanese aesthetics in one of my previous posts: Wabi-sabi.

via: Wabi Sabi Style and Old Chum

11 March, 2013

Colour code: spring yellow

Refreshing pops of yellow in an industrial setting - spring inspiration from an interesting portfolio of an interior designer and a stylist Sissy Rousaki.

see more colour inspiration here: colour code

10 March, 2013

Masculine vs feminine: in Mantua

Ultra minimal kitchen fitted into historical interior. Brutally beautiful.

photography: Gianni Basso, via: Milk magazine

05 March, 2013

House 6 by Marcio Kogan

São Paulo, Brazil. Spectacular architecture seen through the lens of Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.


04 March, 2013

Sense of humour: in London

...an important ingredient in interior decoration. Just have a look. I can't help smiling!

images via: Jelanie

03 March, 2013

Warm wood: minimal kitchens

The best designs are build on contrasts. Sharp, elegant lines of minimal style... and warming touch of wooden surfaces. How do you like it?

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5