20 March, 2013

Sacrum vs profanum: Andy

Interior design by William T. Georgis. Deliciously whimsical!


via: plastolux


  1. Andy Warhol was an enigmatic man.
    I read somewhere he used to wear a crucifix on a chain around his neck, and to carry a prayer book and a rosary and was a volunteer at the soup ministry in the Church of Eternal Rest in New York. Once he went to Mass, sat in the background, unnoticed, awkwardly embarrassed because someone realize he made ​​the sign of the cross "to the Orthodox way" (right shoulder to the left instead of left to the right). He financed his nephew's studies for the priesthood and, according to his eulogy, was responsible for converting at least one person to Catholicism.
    The image on your post is gorgeous.
    Have a nice day.

  2. he is kinda weird
    but he is an icon
    a truly creative soul.

  3. I can't say he's my favourite artist, but I admire his creativity.

  4. This man is a true icon of the creative world, some like him, some don't, but after all he is unforgettable.


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